Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday=Farmer's Market!

I love Thursdays! I know some people don't like to grocery shop but I don't mind it. I especially like it when Shop and Save offers $10 off $50 on Thursdays. I enjoy knowing I'm getting $10 worth of free groceries. LOL I also love Thursday because of Farmers Market. It starts in May and goes through October. Right now they have lots of spring veggies and fruits. We went last night and got 2 quarts of strawberries (which are delish!), salad mix, onions, and cherries. We also got some pastas and sauce that are made in central IL and some bruschetta and a triple chocolate gooey butter cake. We also got our favorite caramel kettle corn and Chicago mix kettle corn and a bird feeder. I like this farmers market because all of the fruits and veggies have to be from Illinois and most are from right around here so I am supporting local agriculture and reducing my carbon footprint. I hope everyone else had a good Thursday.

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