Friday, April 29, 2011

Robins are back

I was so excited two weeks ago when Terry noticed that the Robins had built a nest by our back door again. It was so fun to watch the babies last year. Then I noticed that the sparrows seemed to be trying to take over the nest and the robins had disappeared so I was bummed. I was going to take the nest down this weekend but Terry said on Wednesday that he saw a robin out there again. I looked yesterday and saw the mama in the nest and then this morning I saw her fly off for food so I grabbed my camera and held it up high to try and get a picture and see if there were any eggs. I was so excited when I saw these two! I can't wait to see the babies again.


  1. How cool Beth!! You got a great picture. I've never seen eggs in a nest before in real life, just in photos. I can't wait to see the babies.

  2. Robin's egg blue... I have read this, heard it, and now at last I see... what a beautiful blue! What a treat to have robins nesting at your home!